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Discover Dontek’s leading range of products.

Looking for ultimate performance whilst saving money? Its easy! Dontek controllers have you covered!

The only way to efficiently control your solar pool heating, is to acquire the pool as well as the roof temperature.

All Dontek controllers utilise a roof mounted sensor (cable or remote) to ascertain the roof temperature. By attaining this roof temperature, the pool pump will only start if and when the roof is hot enough. Therefore, saving up to 6 hours of pump running time which saves money and energy.

Other brands of solar controllers run the pool pump up to 7 hours a week just to check the roof temperature even when its raining.

Dontek just made your life easier by delivering ultimate performance and cost savings.

Dontek’s range of Solar and Heater controllers allow automatic temperature adjustment, manual, cooling and stand by features. 

Ionisers keep your pool clean all year round and fights nasty bacteria.

Dontek has your spare parts and sensors covered. 

Explore Dontek’s past and previous models and manuals.