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Why Choose Dontek?



Our national service department handles all customer enquiries and service repairs through our toll free enquiry line. Our service job logging system enables us to provide accurate data logging for better customer service and future product development.


We employ professional electronic engineers who have a passion for research, design and development. All our circuit board design and programming tasks are carried out in-house and we can custom-design products to suit your exact applications.


Our sales team is passionately focused on customer satisfaction, and with a strong base in industry knowledge they are able to provide products to suit your exact needs.


We operate from our own office premises including production factory and warehouse. Our production team strive to ensure product quality is maintained throughout the entire production process.
Dontek understands that customer satisfaction is paramount to its success.  Therefore, Dontek


prides itself on the quality of their products as well as their service. Don’t just take our word for it, here are some of our wonderful customer’s reviews:

Richard from NSW

I could not be more pleased with Dontek’s attitude and helpful advice with a new sensor. Complaints are easy but few people acknowledge proper customer care. Please pass on my thanks.

Martin from VIC

Thanks for the kind and wonderful technical support I received over the phone from your service department. About a year ago, Dontek also helped very kindly resolve my issue and was able to ship out the part I required in no time. We have been and remain a very happy Dontek customer- your product has stood the test of time- and still performs excellently.

Cameron from NSW

I had thought it would have been a hassle to obtain a replacement, but thanks to one of your helpful staff I received the part I needed quickly and installed it without any issues. My Dontek system is now up and running perfectly and my family can soon look forward to getting the most out of our warm pool. Thank you for the great support and service.